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by Donna Higbee, CHT

UFOs, alien abduction, crop circles .... all fascinating, important topics and ones well worth researching. However, this month I ask you to take a detour with me into a different land, as I write about a personal experience I think is important, in light of the changes occurring on our planet. The following is a true account I wrote some time ago:

It was a lovely spring day and I couldn't resist the urge to get out in it, even though I was supposed to study for college exams. I knew the exams were critical but the day begged to be explored and I couldn't resist. I was living in Pasadena, California at the time, so decided to drive to Mt. Wilson and find a little private turnout where I could enjoy the day and study at the same time. Obviously quite a few others had the same idea, and the winding road to the top of the mountain was filled with people out for a drive. When I got almost to the top, I parked off the road and walked back into the hills. With extremely steep hills on three sides of me and only the opening towards the road allowing access to this little secluded spot, I knew I had found the perfect place to stop for the day. The air was still chilly up there in the mountains, so I found a huge, warm, sunny boulder to sit on and read. My day passed too quickly but at least I had accomplished what I set out to do. After the sun had left my boulder and gone down, and little gusts of cold air were sending the message that it was time to go home, I walked back down to my car. I couldn't believe it ...the battery was dead. I thought there would be no problem flagging down someone to help me, but people just drove on by. I lifted the hood so they could see I needed help and then I waited. It was getting darker and fewer people were coming down the mountain. I was cold and getting scared at the prospect of having to sleep there all night in my car.

Just when I had given up hope of anyone else coming down the mountain, I saw an old car slowly making its way along. It slowed to a crawl, then pulled off the road alongside mine. Slowly an old man got out and came towards me to ask if I needed help. I explained the situation and he nodded and asked if I had jumper cables for the battery. I had always meant to get some cables but just had not found the time to do it; now I was sorry. When I told him that I did not, he smiled and said that it was not a problem. As I watched in amazement, he walked towards the steep side of the hill and then began climbing it like a mountain goat. I couldn't believe my eyes -- here was an elderly man climbing effortlessly up that part of the steep hill that even I wouldn't have attempted. He got part way up, then reached down and pulled a long piece of heavy wire out of the bushes. He then retraced his steps until he was back at my car. I was instructed to get in and start the car. As I watched in silence, he held one end of the wire to my battery and put the other end of the wire on his car's battery. I couldn't have been more surprised when the car started right up, albeit coughing and sputtering a bit. He told me to leave immediately and not to stop for anything until I had made it all the way home. I thanked him and carefully pulled out onto the mountain road heading for home. As I looked back, he was just standing there, off to the side of the road, looking at me.

Driving home, it began to dawn on me that something very extraordinary had occurred. Many things just didn't jive. For one thing, you can't start a car with only one piece of wire, you need two wires (one for each of the positive and negative posts on a battery). For another thing, you can't hold bare wires in your hands without some kind of insulation between you and the wire, such as rubber handles. He used nothing like that. And how did he know where the wire was, up there on the mountainside in the bushes? Nothing made sense, but I put it out of my mind and concentrated on just getting home.

As I pulled into Pasadena, I decided to drive to the gas station two blocks from my apartment and leave the car there. When I reached the station, the car died. No amount of coaxing would get it to start again ... it was just dead. But I had arrived home and the car was safely at a gas station; now I could breathe with ease.

As the days passed and my thoughts drifted back again and again to that wonderful man, I began to realize that it couldn't have been an ordinary man who stopped to help me. Too many things didn't make sense. I have since come to believe that I had an encounter with an angel. I have always prayed for protection, and I think my prayer was heard and answered that day on Mt. Wilson.

I have no doubt that we all have protection, sometimes obvious and sometimes quietly in the background. None of us should ever feel completely alone or uncared-for when there are benevolent beings in our midst who are there to help and assist us for the asking. But I do think that, for the most part, we have to ask. As human beings on this planet, we have free will. If we choose not to ask but to go it on our own, then I think this is honored; and if we ask for protection and guidance, then I think this is happily given. Many people have help in their lives but they donít recognize it for what it is. Too many daily thoughts are taken up with what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future. Too few times are we aware of the very dynamic present moment. The future is not written in stone; it is filled with possible futures, futures that will depend upon decisions made on a daily basis. Ask for help and guidance and you may be surprised at how very real and tangible that help can be.

We are in a time of great change -- how we view this change and what we do with it is up to us. It can be viewed as frightening and disruptive, or it can be viewed as a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and freedom from stagnant patterns in our lives. For example, as companies experienced financial difficulties and began downsizing a few years back, I was laid off my job. I found another position, only to be laid off again within five months due to a major cutback. Well, two layoffs within five months was most discouraging and the job market was almost nonexistent. One layoff I might have expected, but two within so short a time ..... I stepped back and looked at the pattern. I tuned into the energies shaping the moment and felt that there were active forces in play in my life, not just the random, seemingly unfortunate occurrence of layoffs. I didnít ask for another job ... I asked for the awareness of what it was I should be doing at that place and time in my life. It wasnít even three days later that I felt an intense urge to contact a UFO researcher and see if he needed assistance (I knew nothing about UFOs and cared even less). He said how strange that I should call, as he had just realized that he was in need of assistance if he were to continue in his work. We met, I began working with him, and my life changed forever!

Now, my point in relating this to you is: if I had been stuck in the old thought pattern that I needed to get another corporate job (after those two layoffs), then I would not have received nor been open to the strong directive to call the researcher. I had to step back from my life for a moment (instead of getting all worked up with worry over being out of work) and ask for help. I didnít ask for a specific job .... I asked for help in understanding what I should be doing. Assistance was so swift in coming that it almost knocked me over.

When situations arise in your life and you just don't know what decision to make, step out of your life for a moment, calm down, sincerely ask for help and guidance, then wait and expect an answer. Be open to ideas other than those you would normally entertain. Be open to your feelings at a gut level, pay attention to spontaneous urges pushing you in a certain direction, and above all, know that you will be assisted. It has taken me some time to realize that this works ... it really works. As we enter a time of increasing chaos on one hand and increasing spirituality on the other, we need to be aware that we are not alone in all this. Ask for protection and guidance each day .... then watch your life change.

I would love to hear from you if you have had your own "angel" encounter or been obviously protected and/or guided. I also welcome comments or thoughts about the above article. I can be reached by email through America Online. My address is:

©1995 Donna Higbee

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