Donna Good Higbee


I have always had an interest in the paranormal, metaphysics, esoteric studies and religion. I began having mystical experiences when I was 18 years old; these experiences continue to the present.

In 1982 I journeyed to London to research the claims of Benjamin Creme, who was stating that the Christ had returned and was presently living in England, awaiting the Day of Declaration, which was to have occurred in Spring 1982. I joined up with two other journalists and carefully investigated every detail of Creme's bold statements. Upon returning to the U.S., my report was published by Del Mar Press.

I graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1985 with highest honors and a B.A. in Religious Studies.

My interest in UFOs began in 1993, when I began working as an assistant and public relations agent for a nationally known UFO researcher. During that time, I also attended school and received my certification as a clinical hypnotherapist; I specialized in working with people who felt they have had non-human encounters.

I was the Founder and Director of CEIT (Contact Encounters Investigation Team), a research organization that studied abduction encounters and trends from 1993-1998. During this time, I also established Daona Promotions, a company that brought guest speakers to Santa Barbara to give seminars/lectures. Some of my speakers were Dr. Roger Leir, Robert O. Dean, Marc Davenport, Leah Haley, John Carpenter, Michael Glickman and others.

In 1994 I began my investigation into HSII (human spontaneous involuntary invisibility) and maintain the only database in the world of such experiences and reports. A book is in the making on this topic.

My articles have appeared in a number of magazines and journals, including:

Alternate Perceptions (U.S.)
Anexigito (Greece)
Enigmas (Spain)
Flying Saucer Review (England)
Frontier 2000 (Belgium)
MUFON UFO Journal (U.S.)
National UFO News (U.S.)
New Dawn Magazine (Australia)
Ojai Valley News (U.S.)
Pegasus (England)
Phenomenal News (Scotland)
Strange Daze (England)
The Anomalist (U.S.)
The Australian Ufologist (Australia)
The Brazilian UFO Report (Brazil)
The Bulletin of Anomalous Experience (Canada)
The MUFON UFO Journal (U.S.)
The 'X' Chronicles (Canada)
The X Factor (England)
UFO Reality (England)
UFO Report (Germany)

TV Show Interviews:

o Angel Story: Could It Be A Miracle? TV show, December 13, 1996 (Interview)

o Human Invisibility: Clark TV (London) for The Learning Channel, August 26, 1997 (Interview)

o Human Invisibility: Chris Lent (London) for The Discovery Channel, September 28, 1997 (Interview)

o Human Invisibility: East Company (Tokyo) for the Japanese TV network - Fuji Television. Show entitled - "Unbelievable", July 24, 1999 (Interview)

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